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Undergraduate, postgraduate and international course guides give prospective students of all ages and backgrounds a taste of what learning at our University is like.

Undergraduate Course Guide ACU focuses on the delivery of quality programs across a range of areas including education, arts, business, health sciences, law and theology and. There are two parts to your course guide.

Part A: course overview Part A gives you a high level outline about the topics covered in a course, including course description, credit points, an overview of assessment, resources and learning outcomes.

TriTech Geology of Singapore Tritech Consultants Pte Ltd July Dr Cai Jun Gang Geotechnical Engineering Appreciation Course (Jointly organised by IES Academy and GeoSS). The following Undergraduate Transfer Guide indicates the way courses have transferred to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in the past.

This information is constantly being updated and does not substitute for an official evaluation of transfer credit. Currently Enrolled RPI students: to transfer a course that has been evaluated in this Course Guide. Designed for high school and college teachers and students, History Matters serves as a gateway to web resources and offers other useful materials for teaching U.S.

history. (more on this site). Sporty's Aviation Video Tips Flying at night – Sporty's private pilot flight training tips.

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