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FINPACK: OSU Extension Offers Farm Financial Analysis

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“FINPACK helps producers analyze their financial situation and project cash flows for the future,” says Dale Nordquist, associate director, University of Minnesota Center For Farm Financial Management. FINPACK is a comprehensive farm financial planning and analysis software system used by agricultural producers, professionals, educators and lenders to help over 50, producers analyze their farm business each year.

Introduction to financial planning and management software (FINPACK) Claire Mikolayunas, Sheep and Goat Extension Specialist, Dept. of Animal Science, UW.

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The FINPACK Business Plan includes a comprehensive outline, sample plans, and detailed information on what should be included in the business plan. Support- ness planning software package.

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Sample business plans, some related to agriculture, and actual business plans from real businesses—winners. FINPACK Farm and Agricultural Financial Analysis, Planning and Management Farm Financial Software for Management and Planning. The farm and agricultural management, financial, and accounting software, called FINPACK, helps producers, lenders, and agricultural professionals evaluate a farm's financial position, explore alternatives, and make informed farm management decisions.

Marketing Plan FINPACK Business Plan software asks questions and offers tips about: • Current markets • Potential new markets • Pricing strategy • Promotion and distribution strategy • Storage and quality control • Resources – suppliers. competitors Page contractors.

Finpack business planning software
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