Ice skating rink business plans

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Parade Ice Garden

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Basic Ice Rink Floor Plans, site maps, architectural drawings. Ice Skating Training Facilities. Hosted by San Diego Figure Skating Communications Basic Rink Floor Plan.

Dumfries Ice Bowl

The amenities of an ice rink can vary from being very austere building with an ice sheet to a full service facility that offers a full compliment of services. Business Plan for Ice Facility The business plan assumes that the business will receive a 20 year loan with a 7% fixed interest rate.

Plan B List the marketing strategies and objectives of the Ice Skating Rink, indoor pool, and other sports. Marketing Analysis Summary. Dumfries Ice Bowl Dedicated ice hockey and skating rink, 6 rink curling pad, cafe, bar and meeting rooms.

DG One swimming pool is temporarily located in the Ice Bowl car park. After a long season, Australia’s Olympic figure skaters have one more major event on their calendars this week before they can rest easy.

Kailani Craine, Harley Windsor and Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya and Brendan Kerry have arrived in Milan, Italy for the World Figure Skating Championships this week.

Party Packages Put your party plans on ice! Book your next birthday celebration at the Columbus Ice Rink! Guests will enjoy the perfect party on ice, complete with activities and a private area to eat and enjoy the rest of your celebration. McKenzie Roller Rink is a state of the art facility offering recreational skating to individuals as well as catering to large and small group gatherings.

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Ice skating rink business plans
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Basic Ice Rink Floor Plans, site maps, architectural drawings