Senator waqar ahmed khan business plan

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Anwar al-Awlaki

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WAK Group and Samsung to manufacture home appliances in Pakistan

Among some extraordinary personalities of this country, one name is of Senator Waqar Ahmed khan who has been blessed with some remarkable qualities by nature. This son of soil opened his eyes in house of a famous political personality of Pakistan, Senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan.

He has been graduated from the University of Miami in Business. Imran Khan promises master plan for Karachi.

Senate and its members. Gul Muhammad Lot, Almas Perveen, Gulzar Ahmed Khan, Waqar Ahmed Khan. Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan went to the prestigious Aitchison College for his initial studies.

He remained the college captain of the athletic team for 3 years. Later, he proceeded to University of Miami from where he attained advance studies in Business Administration and Comparative Economic Systems with specialization in business. Main accused in the scam, Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan, who is son of ex-senator Gulzar Ahmed Khan, who was very close to ex-prime minister Benazir Bhutto and is famous for his LPG business.

Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan has tremendous interaction with multi-national companies as well as Development Financial Institutions (DFIs). He also has a vast experience in international and national political and economic strategic affairs.

University of Miami - School of Business; Former Minister of Privatization and Investment Senator Waqar Ahmed Khan representing the nation on international forums Addressed as Keynote Speaker and attended plenary sessions: >World Economic forum Jordan May

Senator waqar ahmed khan business plan
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